WiEgg stems from the long experience of its founders in the fields of electronic design, telecommunications, IT services and renewable energy .

Internet of Things

WiEgg mainly deals with the Internet of Things (IoT) and in particular offers innovative services with the use of sensors of any type and capable of communicating using the new LPWA (Low Wide Power Area) transmission technology, extremely efficient and economical.

Cosa prevede il servizio offerto da WiEgg

What does the service offered by WiEgg provide

supply and installation on the territory of sensors for the measurement and detection of parameters (electrical, physical, environmental, movement, plant or equipment control, etc.)

transmission of the data collected by the sensors to the WiEgg gateway network (reception units) that can also be installed several kilometers away

immediate forwarding of data to the cloud for processing, with issue of alert messages when required

user access to restricted areas on the cloud for viewing, analyzing and downloading data

The WiEgg Solar and WiEgg Urban services

WiEgg Solar

Significantly increases the productivity and safety of photovoltaic systems by integrating and completing the performance of any monitoring and anti-intrusion control system already in operation

WiEgg Urban

Immediate automatic detection of the occurrence of switching on and off of a large number of lighting bodies located in very large areas: particularly suitable for public lighting control

WiEgg is able to provide systems on customers’ request, based on its own technology of collection and remote transmission of data, both by developing specific sensors and integrating the sole transmissive functionality to sensors, analogical or digital control panels, devices and in general to any both fixed and mobile device.