Photovoltaic plant
Le Onde

The WiEgg Solar system in action: free access with a demo account

A year ago, the WiEgg system was installed in the photovoltaic plant Le Onde which has a power of 995 Kwp and is located in Tuscany. Le Onde plant is composed of 203 strings of 21 modules each. The plant monitoring system, although efficient and quite complete, does not provide the automatic measurement of the current of each individual string and therefore, as part of the scheduled maintenance activities, it was necessary to measure periodically in the field. The WiEgg Solar system eliminated this requirement because the 203 sensors installed in each of the strings measure the currents every 15 minutes and at exactly the same time, being synchronized daily. The collected data are sent every hour to a cloud server where a first processing takes place; in case one or more strings are not working or show much lower current values than the most performing string with the same irradiation conditions, an alert email would be immediately sent to the registered addresses. The user can also access at any time to the reserved area of his plant to examine the graphs summarizing the recorded currents, with their total values, average and maximum taking into account the whole plant, only a section or a single string. The analysis can be performed for any period of time up to one month at a time. A graph of particular interest is that of Performance, which highlights the performance of each string for a specific period selected (eg. a week or a month).

Thanks to the information provided, it is thus possible to identify those strings which, although they have not performed below the set threshold (and therefore have not been subject to immediate alert), over a medium or long period, have shown the worst performance. This precious information, not available with the simple manual measurement in the field, allows to intervene in a targeted way and drastically reduce the loss of production and therefore of revenues. All the data graphically represented can be downloaded in CSV numerical format to be processed with any spreadsheet (e.g. Microsoft Excel). It is possible to use a demo account to enter the reserved area of the Le Onde plant and see the graphs in real time and download the numerical data. The credentials of the demo account are as follows: Username: onde Password: solar2018 Connect to the reserved area of the plant Le Onde