In order to use the WiEgg Solar service, the customer must purchase and install the WCS2 current sensors (one for each module string to be monitored) and the WMS2 motion sensors (if access control is also to be used).

The PRODUCTIVITY functionality with the use of WCS2 current sensors and the SAFETY functionality with the use of WMS2 motion sensors are independent: it is therefore possible to use both or one of them, with the possibility of completion and integration at any time.

WiEgg offers the service of transmission, storage, sending alerts via email, data management on the cloud WiEgg with unlimited access to its dedicated area for viewing and downloading via a subscription with a particularly favorable annual fee.

WiEgg does not require any obligation to stay in subsequent years: to continue to use the service of transmission, storage and management of data, access to the portal and alert via email, simply renew the membership year by year, paying a small fee for each account and a fee for each sensor in operation.

Note: Our geographical network of WiEgg sensor data collection units is constantly expanding. In many areas of Italy, sensors installed in a specific photovoltaic system will transmit directly to one of our controllers, without the need for further intervention by the user.

For installations in areas not yet covered by one of our devices, we will provide a control unit on loan for free, requiring only the payment of a small deposit.

The control unit, very small (10x15x4 cm) and equipped with a rod antenna about 100 cm long, must be installed by the user (we recommend outside the cabin of the inverter) using the brackets provided.

No configuration or internet connection is required, as the control unit is ready to use with its own connectivity.