The features of the WiEgg Solar solution can be summarized in five main points

String current measurement

The WiEgg solution for string current measurement has been designed to integrate monitoring systems of any type and complexity, with this important functionality.

WiEgg is really innovative because it solves in an economic and effective way the problem of measuring at predetermined intervals and simultaneously, the individual currents of each string and immediately send the data collected to a remote cloud system for the timely management of alert messages and the processing of statistical reports.

WiEGG uses a new sensor technology and data transmission, which exceeds the limits and costs often highlighted by similar systems that have long been on the market.


Very low cost of each current sensor

The WiEgg current sensors are very economical and extremely small devices, watertight, self-powered with an internal battery that guarantees perfect operation for a few decades, and equipped with 2 cables to which you can directly apply the same connectors used in the system (eg. MC4).

The clocks of all the sensors are always perfectly synchronized with each other and each sensor measures the current of its string exactly every 15 minutes.

Each sensor is equipped with a transmission module that sends the data to a remote collection unit.

Simplified installation

The sensor is installed, one for each string of the system, simply by interspersing it between 2 modules of any string or near the field panel.

It is not necessary to respect the polarity as it is automatically detected by the sensor which, as soon as it is connected, immediately starts measuring the current intensity and transmitting the data, without the need for further action by the installer.


No additional wiring

This is a fundamental aspect of WiEgg useful for all installations, both on the ground and on the roof, and often prevents the adoption of other solutions already available on the market, based on different ways of measuring and transmitting data.

No need for field power supply

Some systems already available on the market for the measurement of string currents, require the installation and especially the power supply of devices inside or near the switchboards of fields: WiEgg uses only sensors self-powered.