The solution to significantly increase the productivity and safety of photovoltaic systems

WCS2 | Wireless Current Sensor

Self-powered external device that measures the current of each string every 15 minutes and transmits the data in real time to a cloud system, via reception units located even many miles away, with innovative wireless technology.

WMS2 | Wireless Motion Sensor

Self-powered outdoor device equipped with an infrared motion sensor with a range of about 12 meters. In case of activation, following a movement of people in the area covered by the sensor, sends an alarm signal, via the reception units, for the immediate issuance of alerts via email.

WiEgg Solar is an innovative solution for photovoltaic systems of any size and type, which allows you to continuously monitor the productivity of each string of modules and to promptly report unauthorized access in the vicinity of modules or other components of the system.

Often even the most sophisticated and expensive monitoring and security systems cannot guarantee the highest level of production performance, especially when the plant is not properly controlled and protected.

The partial or total lack of production, due to malfunctions, failures or thefts, is a phenomenon that is difficult to eliminate for any photovoltaic system, but that today can be drastically reduced thanks to WiEgg Solar, an innovative remote control service, adaptable to plants of any size, even if already equipped with other monitoring and security systems.

WiEgg Solar features

Low cost of each current sensor

Simplified installation

No additional wiring

No need for field power supply

No internet connectivity required

Immediate and direct access to a portal with instant data and statistical reports

Immediate management of alerts via email in the event of malfunctions

Compatible and integrated with existing monitoring systems