Features of
WMS2 Wireless Motion Sensor

Protecting your PV system from unauthorized access and theft is not easy, even when sophisticated security and video surveillance systems have been installed. WiEgg contributes to increasing the already existing level of security, through the installation of motion sensors, with features particularly suitable for photovoltaic systems, even large ones.

  • Passive infrared motion sensors for the detection of radiation variations in the infrared range
  • Range of about 12 meters
  • Outdoor devices, watertight and insensitive to weather phenomena (thunderstorms, hailstorms)
  • Self-powered with an internal battery that guarantees a life of several years
  • No wiring is required and therefore the sensors can be installed anywhere: existing structures, new poles, fences, trees, external walls of the cabins, etc..
  • New wireless technology capable of transmitting the alarm signal to reception units located many kilometers away
  • The signals transmitted by the sensors cannot be obscured by jamming devices
  • Extremely low cost of sensor and email alert management service

The WiEgg SOLAR difference

WiEgg SOLAR motion sensors allow you to overcome the limitations of other solutions already on the market, which use both wired and wireless technologies. In fact, security systems with wired motion or presence sensors often fail to guarantee complete protection of very extensive systems due to the costs and difficulties in laying the network in order to cover all sensitive areas and possible access routes. The presence sensors with wifi technology, may be more flexible than the wired ones, but have ranges reduced to a few tens of meters (which may be insufficient for medium-large systems), consume a lot of energy and therefore need an electrical connection or frequent replacement of batteries, and must be connected to a local wireless network that could be easily obscured or disturbed by malicious people. WiEgg SOLAR WMS2 motion sensors, in case of activation following a movement occurred within the range of the device, transmit a signal to one of the collection units of the WiEgg network, for the immediate sending of an alert message by e-mail to the addresses set by users in the configuration portal: each user can then decide their own procedure for managing the alerts received (eg. access to the video surveillance system, relaunch to their own Surveillance Institute or to the caretaker of the plant, etc.).

An invisible but very effective barrier

The characteristics of the WiEgg SOLAR motion sensors, together with the innovative system of signal transmission via the wireless network WiEgg, allow you to organize a defense mechanism of your plant that takes into account all sensitive objectives and possible access routes, even if located at a great distance from each other. Each sensor, identified with a name chosen by the user and possibly geo-referenced for a quick identification of the area concerned in case of activation, works independently and independently of the others: there is therefore no minimum and maximum number of sensors, and at any time you can add new sensors to improve the protective coverage. In the case of medium and large photovoltaic systems on the ground, located on very large land, the fence, although protected by security systems (eg cameras or microphone cable), is often easily crossable due to urban regulations that limit the maximum height or even require that the network is raised from the ground to allow the free passage of small animals. WiEgg SOLAR motion sensors can be installed to complement and reinforce the effectiveness of the existing safety system, whatever it may be. Outside the system, sensors can be installed on the relevant access roads, while inside the sensors can be positioned at the beginning and end of each row of modules, cabins and wherever there are forced passages that can be used by malicious people to carry out thefts or damage. With a few dozen sensors you can thus protect very large areas with very low installation costs.

A modular solution

The WiEgg SOLAR solution for monitoring module strings and the safety of photovoltaic systems is suitable for systems of any size and type, as it can be modulated and integrated in subsequent stages. It is therefore possible to implement both functions, using both sensors for the measurement of string currents and motion sensors, or only one of the 2: string monitoring or safety.